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5 Tips to Help Your Cheerleader Build Confidence Written By: DANIELLE DONOVAN

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Parents, I know you want to do everything you can to help your child succeed! You want them to excel in anything they set their mind to, and you hate to see them struggle through challenges. I know, there is nothing more upsetting or frustrating than wanting to help in every way possible, but just not knowing what to say or how to help.

Can you relate?? And even though I can’t see you I bet you are all nodding your heads at home saying yes, yes, and yes!

But don’t sweat it, in this blog post today, I am going to share my top 5 tips – both mental and physical help your cheerleader demystify the mental block, build confidence, and advance their skills!

PS, I bet these tips are tips no one has ever told you before! This is because I am putting a different spin on things and proving the cheer world with a FITNESS approach!



Moms, dads… it starts with YOU – if you are nervous or stressed out that your child will not hit that stunt or will not throw their skill, your kids can sense that ..and you being nervous, causes them to be nervous too! Yes, your kids can feel your tension. Here’s how to fix it,  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at CHANGE”!! This is such a powerful quote that you want to remind yourself of over and over again! Say it again, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at CHANGE!” For example, if your child comes to you and says, “Mom, I have a mental block”, tell them to STOP thinking about the mental block and focus on what you do have! “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at CHANGE!” 

Just a simple change in your thinking can release the pressure that comes when pushing through a mental block or trying to get a new skill!


Instead of overthinking that skill, tell your cheerleader to focus on SMILING! Here’s why:

Smiling naturally reduces stressSmiling naturally lifts your moodWhen you’re smiling, it takes the fear away and does not let negative thoughts creep in

So when you see your child frustrated trying the same thing over and over again..tell her to SMILE! Actually do it with me right now, just SMILE – you can’t help but improve your mood right?? And there you have it tip #2!


One of the main reasons why your cheerleader is holding themselves back is because they are afraid of NOT being perfect. Cheerleading is a sport focused on perfectionism ..and anything less than perfect can be looked at as a failure. This, however, is NOT the case.

You should not instantly get a skill, you want to be able to build up to new skills. Build the foundation first gives the confidence and strength every step of the way! So remember, instead of stressing about being perfect, focus on something completely random! This will help take that stress away. 

Here are some random things to think about…

Pink Elephants

Sponge Bob

Think of a joke

Anything random

Why this works: Thinking of something random takes your mind off of being perfect and takes out the stress of perfectionism. When you clear your head you are able to better focus on the opportunities AHEAD instead of the setbacks. ‘

So next time your child needs a little boost, tell them a joke, a random thought, or just act goofy and this will take their mind off stressing about being perfect.

Ok, so now you have the mindset down..which is always the number one thing I start on with parents during our one-on-one virtual coaching calls . After we’ve got the mindset down, we then go into the physical strength build part of it! 


Ok so now that we have the mindset’s time to focus on the physical aspect of helping your cheerleader build confidence!


I’ve got 2 fit tips that you will LOVE! If your child is stuck in a mental block, these 2 exercise tips are a must do!

Mountain Climber Challenge Busters – this is a sure-fire exercise to keep in your back pocket and use anytime your cheerleader needs a little boost! Mountain climbers truly help overcome challenges, bust through, mental blocks, and CLIMB MOUNTAINS (hence the name itself).

If your child is stuck in a mental block, bust this exercise out before every practice. (go for 45-60 seconds)As you guys do the mountain climbers (together), think of positive thoughts, repeat your goals out loud, and tell yourself I CAN DO THIS!Immediately stand up, shake it off, smile, and go right into the skill!

Motivational Plank Holds –this is a great exercise to boost confidence and see instant results. Being able to have that instant gratification helps build motivation.

Motivation = success, success = confidence!

Here is what to do: Every night, do a plank hold challenge (parents, I highly recommend you do these exercises with your kids!). Be sure to track your progress each night and try to hold that plank a little longer each time! Tracking progress will help your child see that they ARE improving every day. A little bit each day = big results! Seeing those little improvements each day as she is able to hold the plank longer and longer will definitely build that motivation.

Motivation = success, success = confidence!


Ok so we rocked the mental side, we’ve got the physical aspect down, now we focus on EMPOWERMENT!


Doing the workouts together will not only empower your kids, but also show them that you believe in them, you are here for them, and you are right there with them practicing what you preach. And hey, you’ll get in a good workout too : )Look at every challenge as an opportunity! Remember, challenges give you the strength to push through and find new opportunities. “Every challenge is an opportunity to achieve something great!Empower your cheerleader and believe in them..and they’ll believe in themselves too!

I love this tip because it truly helps! I have countless stories from moms who share with me on our virtual coaching calls just how much doing these exercises with their kids truly does help! Never before have our moms realized that their child’s confidence starts with them.

The power and benefits that both our parents and kids receive by doing the exercises together and bonding over the CHEERFIT tips, workouts, and exercises are incredible. 

So to recap, tonight’s top 5 tips are:

Change the way YOU look at things – When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at CHANGEFocus on SmilingFocus on something completely randomBoost confidence through exerciseEmpower your child by doing the workouts and tips with them!

If you liked this tips, sign up for the FREE video training that goes along with this blog! Enjoy : )

So there you have it, I hope this workshop has empowered you with the tips, tools, and strategies and a new perspective on how to help your child build confidence and make THIS the best season yet!! And remember I am here supporting you guys every step of the way! Leave a COMMENT or send me an email, and let me know how I can help! (


is the go-to fitness expert for the cheerleading industry and founder of CHEERFIT ( Danielle holds national fitness certifications through the American Council on Exercise and specializes in sports conditioning, youth fitness, and group fitness as it pertains specifically to cheerleaders. Danielle has been featured on NBC,Inside Cheerleading Magazine, FITNESS Magazine, Livestrong, Yahoo Beauty, NY Post, American Cheerleader Magazine and more. Through fitness, Danielle focuses on helping cheerleaders build the confidence, strength, and flexibility they need to reach their goals and prevent injury.

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